Youth Acting: On-Camera Scene Study

The goal of this class is learn the specific tools necessary to create a fully developed character and make appropriate and specific acting choices for work in front of the camera. Due to the intimate and personal nature of film, the camera will easily and quickly pick out less experienced actors.  The camera is like a laser that exposes the truth.

In this class, students will be critiqued on their ability to work moment to moment through a scene with clarity, specificity, and appropriate stakes and emotional connection.  Students will demonstrate how to pursue objectives with an awareness of obstacles and create conflict.

Don’t be caught unready or unprepared.  Be ready when opportunity knocks!

Ages: 9-15
Next Session:   Wednesdays. March 25th- May 13th from 6:30-7:30pm
Class cost: $120 per student
Contact Heather for more information or to register at or (919) 247-1587

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