Student Feedback

“Heather is excellent to work with. She has a precision of communication that allows for a lot of learning in a short period of time. I credit her with coaching that improved my audition video for a recent film part I received.”
-Gary Pezzullo – Private Coaching/ On-Camera Scene Study- April 2014

“Pete and I just finished our second acting class (and filmed our first reels) with Heather Snow Clark I wanted to send out a huge thank you to her for her time and patience working with us two old folks with no absolutely no acting experience (me especially). Her innate ability to help you take a scene and guide you to act it in right way was phenomenal. Whether you are a seasoned actor or just wanna give it a try, Heather is the girl.”
-Joyanne Schmutz- Audition Technique- August 2011

“I want to give a shout out to our acting coach, Heather Snow Clark. She did an amazing job of taking two complete novices and giving us the necessary tools to shoot some pretty decent loops this afternoon. I highly recommend her classes (Joy and I have taken two now), whether you are just starting out or polishing your experienced gift!”
-Pete Schmutz- Audition Technique- August 2011

“I have taken different classes from Heather Clark for a couple of months now, and I can tell I’m 10 times the actor I was when I started. She makes you feel more comfortable when acting, and challenges you to try different approaches. I’m glad to have a teacher that truly knows and loves what she does and wants to spread her knowledge to her students. It doesn’t matter if your scared to be on stage or in front of other people, by the end of class you will feel a lot more confident stepping up to the plate and showing your true talent you never thought you had. I’m excited about taking a lot more classes with Heather in the future.”
-Oliver Riera, Adult Scene Study (Meisner emphasis)- Spring 2011

“I really can’t think of anything that could be done better.  I feel like I walk away from this class having truly learned something significant and greatly beneficial to my acting.  I feel like I’ve moved from acting into living/ being the character and letting things happen how they happen in the moment.  I liked the way the class flowed as well.  Each topic built on each other in an understandable way that ultimately led up to the scenes… When I started the class, I felt like someone who wanted to be an actor; after the class, I feel like I am an actor… You’ve (Heather) helped me significantly in having the confidence to keep going and pursue what I’ve always wanted to do!”
-Jeremy Williams, Strasberg Basic Technique- Summer 2010

“The instructor was absolutely effective; very knowledgeable about the process and clearly has a passion for acting.”
-Kevin Sutphin, Adult Scene Study- Fall 2010

“I learned so much and Heather helped me a lot… She gave us notes and helped us when we struggled.  She gave us exercises and treated us like friends, not like children.”
-Patti DePiro, Performance Skills for Youth- Fall 2010


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