Strasberg Technique: Emphasis on Working On-Camera

Class will focus on applying the principles of the Method to working in front of the camera.

The Method itself is a conscious way to tap into the unconscious. The goal of this workshop is to guide the actor to learn to avail himself of the deepest and most hidden parts of himself in creating a character and inserting himself fully into the given circumstances of the play.

Students will learn to approach scene work through sensory exercises, affective memory, greenlight, personal objects, psychological gesture, exploring the shadow side of character, and more.

Strasberg was a big fan of psychology.  In this class, students will explore the depths of their psyche in order to create fully developed characters.

Dates: Thursdays.  January 16th- February 27th from 7:30-9:30

Cost: $150

For more information or to register, please contact

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