Private coaching

All private sessions are $50/ hour.

Heather teaches in Raleigh, NC.  If requested, sessions can be conducted remotely, but the price will increase depending on distance traveled.

Voice and Dialects

  • Learn to be better understood and more confident when you speak
  • Learn how to turn your accent “on” and “off” as necessary and book the role
  • Learn how to sound authentic in any accent you choose, from Jamaican to Russian and anywhere in between
  • Learn how to keep your vocal instrument consistent and healthy for a shoot or a long run on stage

Whether you want to speak with more confidence in a class or business meeting, or drop/ add an accent to book a role for an audition, I can help you find the strong, confident and FREE voice within you.

Acting/ Auditioning

Whether you are looking to learn the essentials of auditioning for stage and film, or you have already gotten a role and need to better understand how to more fully immerse yourself in the world of the script, Heather has the tools to help any student improve their craft as an actor.

  • Be more adept at personalizing specific elements in a side or script
  • Learn to develop a strong preparation that will launch you into a scene
  • Be more present and fully engaged when working on stage and in film
  • Learn to live from one meaningful moment to to the next meaningful moment and have a readiness to go where your partner sends you. Be a “leaf in the wind.”

Every actor is different; each with their own unique instrument and unique way of learning. Utilizing the principles of both the Meisner and Strasberg Techniques, Heather is able to adjust her teaching methods for each specific student she works with to better attend to the needs of that student.

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