Personal Coaching on Speech & Presentation Skills

Whether for an audition, presentation, or meeting, you need to be crisp, confident, and professional.  The way you present yourself and your message is critical to your success in public speaking.  People evaluate and judge you by the way you communicate.  I will work with you to sharpen your communication to ensure you are sending the right message.  In sessions, students develop:

  • more confidence and credibility in front of any group
  • more success engaging and influencing the listener
  • greater effectiveness in storytelling
  • a more effective stage presence
  • a decrease in the anxiety experienced at the thought of public speaking

Additionally, I offer instruction in accent reduction.  Clear speech is a major component to being an effective communicator.  I work with students to fine tune their speech patterns and take on a more “neutral” accent to be easily understood by all.  

In a world where multi-tasking is commonplace, people are judged by the way they present themselves, both in physical appearance and speech.  Improve your ability to engage and influence an audience by fine tuning your speech and presentation skills.

Call (919) 247-1587 or email for more information or to set up an initial session.

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