Dialect Intensive

Whether you want to learn a new “party trick” to wow your friends, or a new skill to add to your resume, this workshop will provide you with the tools you need to take on an authentic British and Cockney dialect…in addition to learning the skills for any other dialect you wish to try.

In this three hour workshop, students will learn everything from how to prepare for an audition in dialect, what to do regarding a dialect at callbacks, what kind of script analysis to do for a dialect play, and how to adapt the dialect for the stage or film.  Students will learn all the sound changes needed in order to speak in an authentic British and Cockney dialect, as well as hone their ability to make character choices appropriate to specific texts.

The goal is to increase the actor’s awareness of the subtle variations in pitch, rhythm, intonation, inflection and speech that compose a dialect.  Then, to produce the above variations consistently with the ease and authority required in performance situations.

Date: Sunday, March 24th from 3-5pm
Cost: $99 per person

Please contact us for more information or to register for this unique opportunity.

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