Advanced Meisner Scene Study

Anyone can read a play and tell you the basic story line and circumstances.  Your job as an actor is to breathe life into the words on a page, which means you have to become deeply sensitized to the text.  You must investigate the play in ways that bring you and the “character” into very close contact.

Using the basic principles of Meisner Technique covered in Scene Study for Adults, students will learn how to work from their personalization of text in creating a fully developed character, while still working moment to moment off a partner with a strong point of view.  This class will teach you a way of working with text that will result in a personal history for the character, that emerges from you and the character, so that when you speak the words of a script, you are speaking from what you truly know.  Knowledge of basic repetition and Meisner principles is essential.  This class will focus entirely on scene work.

Dates: February 5th- March 25th, 2012
Time: Sundays from 5-8pm
Cost: $200 per person
Register: Complete the registeration form on the website and email it to  Payments must be made in advance online through paypal to secure your spot.


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