On-Camera Adult Scene Study

Utilizing the basic principles of actor preparation taught by Lee Strasberg and Sanford Meisner, this class will focus on developing an acting process that will allow the actor to feel confident in their creation of a role….in front of the camera; a process that is specific, emotionally honest and based on careful analysis of the text.  Students will begin by participating in exercises to develop focus and concentration.

Working on-camera every week, this class will teach students a process that will serve their own needs as actors, in addition to those of the director, playwright and audience.  This development of an acting process will be accomplished through the pursuit of several supporting objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of content and responsiveness to given circumstances of the text.
  • Be able to pursue objectives with an awareness of obstacles and create conflict.
  • Be able to play an action through relationship and affect someone else.
  • Be able to work from moment to moment through a scene with clarity, specificity, and appropriate stakes and emotional connection.

Each student will be required to keep an acting journal.  This journal will contain:

  • Scored Script– including beat markings, inner and outer environment work, character analysis, columns for scene objectives- immediate objective, action, and any personal notes.
  • Rehearsal Log– includes notes on rehearsals inside and outside of class, insights, problems, and questions about your scene work.
  • Notes– This will be your place to take notes on information given in class, notes from your own reading on acting, notes on theatre productions you have seen, etc.

As always, we will work from the definition of acting as “the reality of living (doing) truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” -Sanford Meisner

Class Dates: Thursdays from 6:30-8pm.  March 19th-May 7th
Class Cost: $150 per person

For more information, please contact Heather@heathersnowclark.com

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