Acting in Commercials FOR KIDS

Ever watched a television commercial actor and thought, “my child could do that!”

Lots of kids get their start acting in commercials because its the easiest place to break into show business.  Commercial opportunities happen more often than film and television work.  The job of an actor is to be ready when opportunity knocks.

This workshop will teach children all of the elements you need to know regarding auditioning for and acting in commercials.  Since so many in the entertainment industry are cast based on looks alone, knowing how to audition properly and a couple of tricks for making a good first impression can go a long way toward getting more callbacks and booking more work.

In this 3 hour workshop, students will learn:

  • what happens before you audition
  • what you need to get an audition
  • how do you prepare for an audition
  • how to audition
  • what to do once you have gotten the job

Commercials are a very important element in sustaining a career as an actor.  In addition to the potential income, there are many rewards to helping your child pursue a commercial acting career.  Acting teaches children poise and self-confidence as well as the ability to communicate effectively with others.

If you have a child interested in pursuing a career in acting, this is the class for you.  For more information or to register, contact Heather at (919) 247-1587 or by email at

Cost: $75 per person
Date: Tuesday, July 16th from 1-3pm 

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