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Five Cardinal Rules to Being an Actorfilm slate

-Having talent doesn’t necessarily mean you will work.  Ever.
-Hard work may pay off.  Or maybe not.
-Sometimes there is loyalty in the business.  Most of the time there isn’t.
-There is no such thing as fair.

The truth is being an actor involves dealing with a lot of forces that are out of your control. You could go to an audition and be the most talented actor there and still not get cast because… you look too much like the lead, you don’t look enough like the lead, you are too pretty, or you look just like the director’s daughter and he got into a fight with his daughter that morning, to name a few.  However, if acting is something that you HAVE to do, then it is important to learn what you can control:

….. Your training, technique, and ability to be prepared for any opportunity that may come your way.

At the Heather Snow Clark School of Acting, we offer private coaching on an individual basis for beginning and professional actors.  Each session is one-on-one and is totally focused on “YOU” being able to deliver professional caliber work.  In an initial session, students will learn:

-the low down on the business of acting
-cold reading
-script analysis (objectives, beats, actions)
-audition etiquette and technique

In each subsequent session, we will continue to add on tools to help the actor feel confident in any audition situation they may find themselves.

Private coaching sessions are offered on an on-going basis at a rate of $50/ hour.

We also offer professional coaching and recording sessions for your audition as well.  If you have an audition you need taped or simply need some additional assistance on, we can help. Rates for audition tapes are as follows:
$45- straight shoot and edit
$65- shoot, edit, plus private coaching on your side

Be ready when opportunity knocks.  Learn what a professional actor really does to WOW a casting director and build a lasting career.  Heather Snow Clark is a professional actor, acting coach, and casting director in the Industry.

Learn the facts on what will book you work and what will not from someone that has a working, intimate knowledge of the Industry.  Most importantly, acting and auditions will become fun because you will know what to do and how to do it causing the fear and tension in your work to evaporate.

Call or email Heather today for more information and to schedule your first lesson.
(919) 247-1587 or HeatherSnowClark@live.com

“Nothing makes me happier than when my students book work!” -Heather Snow Clark


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