“In the language of an actor, to know is synonymous with to feel.” ~ Stanislavski

Being an actor is not simply about memorizing and speaking the words on a page.  An actor must be able to insert themselves into the given circumstances of a script and make it real for themselves.  When they speak, the words they say must come from that place in them that knows.  When you truly know the content of what you are saying, we will see that meaning living in you; it will be in your eyes, in your expression, in the way your hands gesture, in your voice.

“Acting is not about showing, it is about knowing.” ~ Meisner

As actors, we work from specifics.  It is specific information that makes us think and feel.

As an instructor, I provide my students with the tools and technique to be able to break down any script and personalize material in order to find yourself in the role.  Whether you are new to acting and want to learn a new skill, or are looking to brush up on your technique in order to book more work, I can help.

Contact Heather Snow Clark at (919) 247-1587 or to set up a private lesson or register for a group class or workshop.

I look forward to working with you!

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